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"My longtime passion has been to uplift, motivate, and inspire people to discover what their dream life looks like.  My joy then comes from coaching those amazing people and watch them accomplish more than they ever thought possible!"   

~ Eric Carlson

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Melt Away Un-Wanted Fat,
Build Lean Muscle, Sky Rocket Energy Levels 
and Boost Your Immune System! 

Proven Transformation Program

Carlson's Signature Classes
Tabata 4x & Body Chaos!

Are you ready to have more energy, melt away stubborn fat, look leaner and toner, plus have a GREAT time doing it? 

That's exactly what you'll achieve when you work out LIVE with Eric Carlson every week!

These classes have helped thousands of people completely transform their physiques in record time!

Tuesdays & Thursdays- Tabata 4x
Saturday- Body Chaos

Get ready to have fun sweat!

FitPro Metabolic Fat-Shredding Meal Program

The FitPro Metabolic diet was developed for people who suffered from slowed metabolism, mostly from yo-yo dieting.

Our main goal is to boost your metabolism with maximal efficiency. On top of boosting metabolism, it is very intuitive and easy, has many amazing health benefits!

It consists of 25% carbohydrates (the basic ones that body needs – veggies, berries/fruit, fiber), 35% protein and 40% good fats.

Become Stronger With a Supportive Community

Welcome to 'Station 12'

Inspired by all our members who bonded and committed to showing up each week togther for their workouts! A supportive community to help you stay focused on achieving your goals is finally here!

We all need motivation and accountablilty to keep us going. Now, you can meet like minded people to share your struggles and progress with at 'Station 12'. 


Jamin Thompson
American Actor, Entrepreneur, and Content Creator

"Shout out to my friend and mentor Eric Carlson aka 'Erock' whose advice got me started in the industry..."

Matus Valent
International Fitness cover model from Slovakia living in Los Angeles

"One of my favorite person was Eric Carlson, who won the first Model Universe competition I attended as a contestant.

As a rookie I placed 4th in a huge 50 guys starting field. Eric was always very friendly, generous and helpful...something not very usual in this competitive industry." 

Jamin Thompson

"Shout out to my friend and mentor Eric Carlson aka 'Erock' whose advice got me started in the industry..."

Jamin Thompson

"Shout out to my friend and mentor Eric Carlson aka 'Erock' whose advice got me started in the industry..."

Gonna Miss The
LIVE Class Today?
No Problem, I've Got You Covered!

Every Monday students are sent the new workouts for the week via text or email.  You can do these workouts anytime and anywhere. 


A recording will be sent via text or email usually within an hour of the last class. Follow along with the fill in the blank PDF worksheet to record your progress.  You'll also have access to the archive of previous workouts you can access at anytime.

Track LIVE Heartrate and Compete on the Leaderboard!

Ready to have some real fun? You'll be able to connect your smart watch to actively target heartrate zones and compete on the leaderboard!

Weekly & Monthly Challenges!

Coming 1st Quarter 2022...


The FitPro Metabolic Meal Program

FitPro Metabolic Meal Program: 
Guide to Maximize Metabolic Eating
Supplementation Guide
Eat With Purpose Cookbook #1
28-Day Paleo Meal Plan & Cookbook
28-Day Vegan Meal Plan & Cookbook

Pro Level Meal Planner

The last meal planner you'll ever need!
Simple and Intuitive with all the tools you need to accurately track your progress

Get Results Faster with this proven system to help you shed unwanted pounds and build lean muscle in record time! Finally, give your body the nutrition it needs to thrive! 

"The exact system I use to stay disciplined..." ~carlson

Eating With Purpose
Your Practical Guide to Clean Eating

The basic principle of clean eating is trying to eat to the best of your ability, whole, fresh, unprocessed foods. Food that occurs in nature and don’t go through extensive processing.

The clean eating approach understands that not all calories are equal. When you only consume whole foods you are much more likely to not over consume and maintain a healthy weight. Eating whole foods will provide your body with the nutrients it needs to keep your body not only at a healthy weight but also overall healthy.

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28-Day Paleo Meal Plan
Your Guide to Eating Like Our Ancient Ancestors

Paleo refers to a style of eating that mimics the way our ancestors did in the Paleolithic period, free of processed foods and full of what could be hunted and gathered.
The Paleo diet is not a fad or some creative diet plan. It's a matter of returning to the fundamental meals that the human body intended to eat. This kind of dietary plan allows the individual to get the best health as well as strengthen their digestive and immune system.

28-Day Vegan Meal Plan
Your Guide to Eating a Healthy Plant Based Diet

The vegan lifestyle is becoming increasingly popular these days. Also known as a plant based diet, vegans do not eat any food from animal sources including red meat, chicken, eggs, dairy and honey.
People go vegan for many reasons including health, animal rights and the environment. This Ebook will focus mostly on a plant based diet and its health benefits.

NEW Weekly Workouts
Plus Tracking Sheets
Now Achieve Maximum Results

Every Monday, NEW Tabata 4x & Body Chaos  routines plus tracking sheets are uploaded to our Private Facebook Group, Station 12. Download or add to your favorite devices.

Track your results LIVE with Carlson, or watch the class recordings that are posted inside Station 12 usually within an hour of the last class!

Join The Next LIVE Class With Carlson In...

Your FitPro Plan For Success!
Everything You Need to Transform Your Body & Life

LIVE Tabata 4x & Body Chaos 
w/ Eric Carlson



 Recorded LIVE Classes Sent Via TEXT or EMAIL Same Day!
 New Workout PDF's to Track Progress Sent Every Monday!

 Weekly 'High Energy' Spotify Playlist- Sync LIVE w/ Class!

 Access to 'Station 12' Supportive Facebook Community

 Plus More Surprises...

Only $48 Monthly

($4 per class)


LIMITED 50% Savings Until December 2021Lock In Your Price & Savings For 2022!

Flexible & Strong Yoga Coming 2022!

No Contracts or Committments. Cancel Anytime.

FitPro Metabolic Meal Program: 

  • Guide to Maximize Metabolic Eating
  • Supplementation Guide
  • Eat With Purpose Cookbook #1
  • 28-Day Paleo Meal Plan & Cookbook
  • 28-Day Vegan Meal Plan & Cookbook
  • FitPro Meal Planner: 
  • BMI & Nutrition Targets calculator
    Food database (>1,800 items)
    Add foods and recipes
    7-day meal plan
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